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Automatically close "No records match this find" window

Question asked by daveealex on May 4, 2011
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Automatically close "No records match this find" window


I have created a system where the secretary enters a phone call/appointment (we have had about 25000 in 5 months) into the database, and the receiving person can see it in what i am calling an instant report. It seems to be working very well with the an ontimer script to refresh the users page(calls). The problem is when the user has no new calls the Filemaker Pro window opens and says No records match this find criteria, which is completely normal. I would like that if there is nothing that the windows does not show up at all for this search. I am found get last error 401 but i can not figure how to close the No Records match window without closing the main window (close current window). Is there a way to send a keystroke "C" for close?

The partial script should be something like this I think

Perform Find[]

If [Get (LastError) = 401]

   *do this to close the window*


   SortRecords [Restore;No Dialog]

End If

On a second item I have been tring to synch 2 databases in realtime with out paying $3000, I am just looking for a very small example(even just one field) if it exists. We have 2 offices one with 12 people and one with 30 and our internet provider is not the greatest in the world and we get alot of disconnects. Thank in advance