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Automatically create record

Question asked by Sam_1 on Sep 26, 2014
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Automatically create record & perform calculation in child record based on new parent record


I know this topic has been dealt in some other forums but I have setup by DB in a different way where the information in Parent Table A is used by multiple Child Table B,Child Table C, Child Table D. Most of the fields in Child table are 'calculation field' based on Parent Table A information.

When I add new record to Parent table A, how do I ensure that all calculation in Child Table B,Child Table C, Child Table D are done automatically ? Do I have script it or FMP has some functionality. 

I did check the 'allow creation of records in this table' when setting up the relation. I thought this would do it. But apparently this feature is more for portal than for overall automatic calculation and record creation.

I appreciate the help. Thank you !