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    Automatically creating a new field from an existing field



      Automatically creating a new field from an existing field


      I have a database with lots of fields with repititions.  After exporting to excel, my statistical program can't "read" the repititions correctly.  I would like to create a new field and populate it with data from the repititions.  For the stats program, it would be ideal if the new fields were formatted as present/absent (binary 0/1). I would love it if I could do this in filemaker instead of excel.

      Further information.... a tangible example:

      I have a field called "wear type" with three repititions.  In other words, I can enter three different types of wear on the same record and in the same field.  A typical field exports to excel like this:

      abrading     shaving       cutting

      Is there any way to add a bunch of new fields (as many as the total number of wear types I have) that will be populated by a command that goes something like "IF any repitition of the field 'weartype'==shaving, enter 1.  IF no, enter 0."

      Thank you!  I think and hope filemaker can do this!