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Automatically Date my Notes in an Edit Box

Question asked by CooperFerguson on Jan 4, 2013
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Automatically Date my Notes in an Edit Box


     Hi All,

     I am trying to improve on the notes section of the contacts database that came in the starter solution and could use some help.  Basically I have the need to input notes on prospective clients several times a year and would like my notes to be dated for me.

     In specific, I would like to click on the notes section in the contact and if there is no existing text, I'd like the first line to automatically be "1/4/2013:" and have my cursor blinking a couple spaces to the right.  If there are already notes in the field, I would like to automatically skip a line or two and then see "1/4/2013:" with the cursor to the right.  AND if it's possible, I'd like it if the dates were not modifiable. 

     Is there any way to do this all within the edit box that's already there?

     Thanks in advance for any and all help.