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Automatically entering information into ODBC fields

Question asked by user14691 on Oct 19, 2009
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Automatically entering information into ODBC fields


1. The version of FileMaker Pro you are using. Filemaker Pro 10 Advanced


2. The operating system and version you are using.Mac OS 10.5.8


3. Database Description


I have set up a relational database for my clients that connects individual contacts to one company address. It is set up as follows:

Table 1 = Client Companies - contains company logo, address, and main contact phone number

Table 2 = Individual Employee Names - contains email addresses, direct phone numbers, etc. In the past it has pulled the address for the individuals based on whether or not they have the same company name.


4. Give examples of what you are trying to accomplish, but can't.  



Since this database has been set up we have added a website with all of the individual website profiles. I now need to have it take the updated address info from table 1 and run a script to have it automatically enter that into the fields that I have for each individual in Table 2. So for example I update Johnson Companies street address in table 1. I want it to automatically go to each of the Johnson Company Employees records and enter in the new address information. 


The only catch is that it can't be a calculation. It has to be some sort of script or look up because the field I am entering the information into is a website field that is linked via the ODBC Driver. 


I can get the script to run on one record but I can't get it to automatically cycle through all of them. 

5.  level of experience with FileMaker and/or other database designs.  I am a self taught filemaker nerd so I definitely am not a database guru so I appreciate any help that I can get!



6. Please indicate whether your database file is being shared over a network, or being published to the web via either Instant Web Publishing (IWP) or Custom Web Publishing (CWP). This database is on Filemaker server and is linked to the web via the ODBC driver