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Automatically Filtered Drop-Down Value List

Question asked by Hills72 on Apr 10, 2013
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Automatically Filtered Drop-Down Value List


     I am very much a newbie and I found that someone had asked a similar question to this, but I did not understand the answer.

     I have a table called Project Managers with a field called PM Names and Active.

     I have another table called Projects with a field called Project Manager where I want to show only the entries from PM Names in a drop-down list where the Active field  (from the Project Managers table) is "Yes"

     Note: This is not a dependent drop-down list set up where the user selects and item from one field and then a second field. The user will only be selecting a project manager from the list. Someone else will determine whether the project manager is "active" or not.

     I have attempted this a few ways and tried to follow some examples, but with no luck.

     Any help you could provide will be greatly appreciated!