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    Automatically insert email address



      Automatically insert email address


      Hello - can anyone help with a scripting issue?

      I have a field in Layout A which has a drop down menu to select the name of any specific account manager from a list.

      I would like to set up a field in Layout B which automatically inserts the selected account manager's email address for whichever is selected.

      Have you any idea how this could be done?  I guessed that I should create a new drop down list with all the email addresses and then set up a script to select say, 'John B''s email address if 'John B' is selected in Layout A.

      I have no idea how to do this though - any help would be much appreciated.


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          1. Set up a table, ManagerEmails, with at least these three fields: ManagerID (SerialNumber) ; Manager Name ; Manager Email
          2. Add ManagerID to your current table also and to your current layout as well.
          3. I don't know the name of your table, so I will call it "currentTable". Create this relationship:

            CurrentTable::ManagerID  = ManagerEmails::ManagerID

          4. Format CurrentTable::ManagerID as a drop down list or pop up menu with a value list that specifies ManagerEmails::ManagerID for field 1 and ManagerEmails::Manager Name for field 2.
          5. Add the ManagerEmails::Manager Email field to your layout.
          6. Now, when you select a manager in CurrentTable::ManagerID, the manager's email address will appear in the ManagerEmails::Manager Email field.


          Note: if you already have a table of names and email addresses, there are ways to set up this value list from your existing table rather than enter manager names and email addresses in two different tables.

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            That worked a treat.  Once again, thanks a million PhilModJunk!