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Automatically inserting record set into FM table

Question asked by ianmcarter on Mar 29, 2013
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Automatically inserting record set into FM table



     I'm new to FMP12 but in past I've had extensive experience of Oracle. I would like to know how I can create a set of records in FM using without any user input.

     The application is part of timesheet application. Once the user has entered dates for 'Start of contract' and 'End of contract' I would like to give him the option to press the button and generate weekly timehseets for period between dates,

     So if he enters 04-Mar-2013 (Start) and 31-Mar-2013 (End) I would like to automaitcally create following records in my Timesheet table.


     04-Mar-2013     10-Mar-2013      0         Not entered


     11-Mar-2013     17-Mar-2013      0         Not entered

          18-Mar-2013     24-Mar-2013      0         Not entered

               25-Mar-2013     31-Mar-2013      0         Not entered

               If I were able to use INSERT (sql) then this would be straightforward ofcourse but I understand thats not possible in FMP12.
               Any help would be appreciated.