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Automatically moving to the next portal new record field

Question asked by swillette on Aug 23, 2013
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Automatically moving to the next portal new record field


     I have a invoicing system where the customer uses a barcode scanner to imput their items for sale. I have an invoice table and a related line item table. The line items are in a portal on the invoice layout.

     To start adding items, the user clicks in the item barcode number field and scans the barcode of the item. After the item is inserted, empty fields are created for the user to enter the next item to add for the invoice. 

     Is there a way for FileMaker Pro 12 to have the insertion point (blinking line) move into the new portal record field where the next item number needs to be scanned into? 

     Right now, the person scans the first item, then has to click in the next barcode field / record below to scan / enter the next item. 

     When they have serveral items, they sometimes forget to click into to the barcode field and then have rescan that item.