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Automatically Populate Return Deliminated Field

Question asked by DevonHunt_1 on Jan 14, 2015
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Automatically Populate Return Deliminated Field


I am trying to create a visual rectangle that changes size dynamically based on inputs from fields. I have been using the chart tool do explore this and have found that plot style with small enough iterations can create this. Right now I can get the shape, and it to change, but I have been manually putting in the return deliminated iterations manually into the "iteration field" and the scatter looks at the two "iterationX" and "iterationY". I have been able to increase the "iteration field" by an appropriate iteration but it just replaces the contents where I would like it to return and place the iteration at the bottom, creating a list like.

Input fields- BottomLeftX, BottomLeftY, BottomRightX,  BottomRightY, TopRightX, TopRightY, TopLeftX, TopLeftY  (These act as the X,Y coordinates of the corners of the rectangles)

Automatically Created fields - IterationX , IterationY

Attached is how it is pictured.

Are there other ways to do this, outside of plot?