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    Automatically update fields



      Automatically update fields


      I use File Maker v9 to maintain membership records for an social organization (RV Club). Membership numbers are assigned to each member along with the members photograph. Membership photographs are sequentially numbered so as to establish a link to each member. I do some photo editing and want to be edit the original  and save the revised copy to a new field with a new name that could them be sorted and added to the appropriate membership record. My plan is to assign an alphabetic designation to each revision. i.e. photo 1.jpg would be the original photo for member #1. The third revision for member #1 would be 1c.jpg. I'd add additional fields to house each photo edit.


      I need help in developing instructions sort the photos and update each members record with the appropriate version of the photo edit. I believe there was a "stuff" command that could be used in dBase that would perform this function. Any help is appreciated. Thanks. 



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          I could walk you through the process you want, but that's be like helping you build a paper airplane when you just as easily build a jet instead. :smileywink:


          You should store your pictures (or references to them) in a separate table and relate it to your membership database. Then you simply add new records to your picture table each time you revise a picture. The relationship can be designed to automatically display the most recent photo, but the original photos would still be available in the Database file for archival purposes.


          Will that work for you?