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Automatically Update Unique Value

Question asked by ShaunHamid on Aug 19, 2013
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Automatically Update Unique Value


     I am wondering what the mechanical makeup would be for the following situation.  I have a number of records that populate a filename field.  When the individual record is out put, this filename field is used to save a PDF of the record.  However, I would like the value to be unique, so if a duplicate file is created it does not save over the other file.  What I would like is some mechanic that would do this.   I was thinking to set the validation to Unique and then having some manner of calculation to modify the filename.  I suppose I would like the filename to increment based on previous versions.  So if I had a file that was named "JohnDoe.pdf" I would want "JohnDoe02.pdf."  I wonder if there is a more elegant or logical solution and any help would be appreciated.