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automating data entry on layout

Question asked by MichaelWeisenberg on Sep 8, 2012
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automating data entry on layout


     I am using an academic gradebook application.  I use one of my layouts to enter student attendance and participation credit by date. For this layout, I must create a new record for each date, class and student. To identify my student, I have placed a student ID field on my layout which is a unique field that relates to my student table. To simplify data entry in creating new records, I made my layout's student ID field a drop down with a value list consisting of all my student ID's. Nevertheless, it would be good if I could simplify data entry even further because, as it is, for each new record I create, I must look-up my student ID field from a roster before I can find it in my layout drop down list. 

     Is there any way to automate this process even further, perhaps through a script, so that, for example,  if I choose a related record with a different date for the same student, all I need to do is choose "new record", enter the new date and the proper student ID will populate my record? Alternatively, is there any way to setup my database so I do not have to enter a new attendance record for each student and each date? Other than the tedious manual entry needed in creating so many new records, my database is working well... but I am trying to automate as much as possible to make data entry easier. Thanks for any suggestions.