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Automating Emails on pre-specified dates.

Question asked by RichardColwell on Aug 8, 2014
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Automating Emails on pre-specified dates.


     Hi All,

     We own a vacation rental business and we need to send out emails with PDF attachments to our guests once they have booked with us. Starting with a confirmation email, then an invoice a few weeks later and finally we send entry codes to the building. We put a unique title in the subject line confirming date and condo number

     At the moment we send out each email by hand, but we wonder if there isn't a way we could automate the process so we just enter the guests details once set the predefined dates subject title for each email in the process and then forget about it! Filemaker would send out all these separate emails on the dates pre-entered by us. Don't know if Filemaker could do this or if we would need any additional software. Many thanks for giving your time to help us.