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Automating JPG Insertion

Question asked by ShirleyMB on Nov 7, 2012
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Automating JPG Insertion


     I have 28 folders, each containing 3500 JPGs of file cards from which I have to enter the main info found on each card. I've created a calculation to name the JPGs (the JPG names are sequentially numbered), and I created a script to make a new record and to copy the JPG name. What I can't automate is the pasting of the JPG name into the JPG folder for the image to appear for each record. Is there a way to script the pasting of the JPG name into the folders? It takes a very long time to do so for the individual records. Also, if there is a way to script the paste part, how can one also script the creation of multiple records, with each record automatically entering the JPG?