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Automating Recalculation

Question asked by ninja on Jul 6, 2009
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Automating Recalculation


Howdy all,




FMP8 (ie. no script triggers)

Chance of upgrade to FMP10 for a ~40+ license facility in this economy = 0%


I'm looking for a way to update a calculated field automatically...most do, but I seem to have found one that doesn't.


Batch Table: has batch data including total percent volatile per the spec.

Ingredients Table: related many to one (many ingredients, one batch).  Has "% of batch" field among others.


On Ingredient, it is either volatile or not.  If so, and if the total starting %volatile doesn't match the %volatile on the spec, the %final in batch is shifted (by calculation) on each ingredient so that %volatile matches the spec.


All of this works perfectly.  Now the problem:

% volatile is in the Batch Table (parent)

The calculation to adjust batch% based on volatiles is in the Ingredient table (child)

The final calc I need is in the batch table (parent) and uses the "revisedbatch%" calculated in the child table.


If I change the starting % of an ingredient (in the child table), everything updates fine automatically.

If I change the %volatiles on the spec, it doesn't update the child table calc. thus doesn't change the final calc on the parent table.  I figure that this happens since my layout is based on the parent table.


If I go to the next record and back, eveything has updated can I get it to update without doing that?

Right now I have a "recalculate" button that goes to another record and then back.  A definite patch-around.  Is there a way that isn't occurring to me to automate this recalculation?  I don't need a better way to script the "refresh", I'd rather not have to hit the button in the first's too easy to forget...and then the final calc shows wrong data.

I would use a script trigger...if I had one.


Any ideas?  Did I explain well enough?