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    Automating user access



      Automating user access


           Hey guys, I ‘d like some help with this. I am refering to of course the mac, windows and ios. 



           That’ s the easiest because you can have os x trigger the vpn when a program starts, the fm client in this case. But I have not figured out how to script the open remote database.



           Am I correct in assuming that If I want the same triggering behaviour under some provisions when fm go starts, do I need to jailbreak the iPad, and if I do so is there a solution? 



           If someone’ s made a batch file with all the above requirements, vpn trigger and opening remote, I ‘d love to hear about it.


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               You'll need to explain the basic connection scenario in more detail. Why are you using VPN to connect to the database?

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                 Well basically I am accessing our intranet fm db from both within and outside the company via windows/macs/ipads. All of them open remote from an fms 13 hosted on a mini.


                 I use VPN when someone is outside the company's network to connect to it and then access the db. Is this a less than perfect way of doing this?

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                   It's not a necessary step if you correctly set up port forwarding for your network router so that FileMaker access from outside the network is forwarded to the machine hosting your database. This is not something that I can walk you through and the details vary with the router, but this is a common question asked here in the forum so it should be possible to get that info unless DavidAnders sees this thread and drops in his usual list of resource links on port forwarding for you.

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                     lovely, I 'll have a look, thanks again Phil