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Automation functions concerning audio / video

Question asked by Hauneburg on May 19, 2010
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Automation functions concerning audio / video



As an assistant at an institute for language research I was asked to compile a database of all video material by one of our researchers. This was meant to be done in FMpro8.0v1 (Mac) and since I don't have any experience whatsoever with the programme - or similar software for that matter (neither does the researcher) - I was instantly confronted with some basic questions regarding the capabilities of the software and any possible plugins.
The thing is, the research archive is vast, but when looking for certain expressions in speach we'd like to be able to use rather small clips of the material in question (to be able to track swiftly in what context they are used), which in their turn need to be linked to small transcription parts. So the reseacher asked me to find out wether it's possible to:
- link both a full video (e.g. 20 min.) and get FMpro to make 2 minute segments within different templates, of which each contains (these segments should NOT be seperate files)
- link the transcription (txt) of what is said to both the full video and to the 2 minute segments (this should probably be done manually, but it would be helpful if the programme could just automatically link the full transcription to every segment, so an assistant just needs to crop the relevant part.)
- search the database for any expression and then get a list of the full videos as well as the relevant 2 minute segments
Is all of this possible? Is any of this possible? Perhaps with some kind of plugin?
Hope it's clear, otherwise I'd be happy to provide more info...

Per / the Netherlands