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Automator doesn't seem to detect FP7s in Lion?

Question asked by MatthewMackay on Aug 20, 2011


Automator doesn't seem to detect FP7s in Lion?


 We have some folder actions set up in Automator that moves PDFs and FP7's into a box net folder.   Filemaker saves the FP7 to one folder and saves the PDF to another   The PDF instantly moves to the box net folder. But the FP7 just sits in its folder and doesn't move. If you drag and drop an FP7 into the folder it kicks into life and the Folder action works fine.   We have double checked our Folder Actions and they are set up correctly. And as it works when a file is drag and dropped we are at a bit of a loss. It just seems strange that the when Filemaker places the FP7 into the folder the action doesn't run?   I can't seem to replicate the issue on Snow Leapord so could this be another Lion bug?   Any help, thoughts would be great.