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Autopopulate a value on a portal during data entry

Question asked by Stu412 on Dec 22, 2014
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Autopopulate a value on a portal during data entry


Hi there

I'm looking at using a couple of portals for data entry and want to ensure that the data entered to the specific portals can easily be reported upon later.  To do this, I have one dropdown which is designed to be entered by the end user.  That's fine.

The other side is an element of control I want to build in, so each row that's entered in Portal 1 has a field which is automatically completed as the user goes through with a value of my choosing.

I guess a script with a variable would be the way to do this, but I'm a little uncertain about the timing of when the script should run.  It can be run anytime really from when the user starts entering on the row to when they click off - just as long as the row is updated with my defined value.