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Autopopulate current month name in layout with FM13

Question asked by BrettWhistler on Jan 31, 2014
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Autopopulate current month name in layout with FM13


     I want to create a field that auto-populates the name of the current month (MonthName).  I would also like to auto-populate a field with the current year.   I copied fields from a starter solution I found them in...but can't seem to get the field to auto-populate.

     I found a thread that addresses this ( exactly, but it suggests doing what I've already done.

     For the month I created a field named "Current Month Name."  It's a global text field that (is supposed to) auto-populates from this calculation: MonthName ( Get ( CurrentDate ) ).  I placed this field in my layout, switched to browse mode...and it's just an empty field.

     Similar for the "Current Year" field...except the calculation is: Year ( Get ( CurrentDate ) )

     I'm a any explanation as to why I can't get this to function would be greatly appreciated