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Autopopulate Not Working Correctly

Question asked by kingsley47 on Sep 26, 2011
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Autopopulate Not Working Correctly


Basically I have a test report that is supposed to autopopulate every single field based on what is typed into a field called "Work_Order_Number" This is supposed to work using a look-up value. I have had zero issues with the fields that are directly dependent upon the "Work_Order_Number" field for the search reference between the test report database and the related databases. However, about half of the fields of my test reports are dependent upon a different search criteria, that search reference is a field called "Material_Specification". The "Material_Specification" field is actually a look up value that uses "Work_Order_Number" as its search reference.

All of the fields that use "Material_Specification" as a search reference, do not get populated immediatly. To get them to populate, I need to click into any of the blank fields, then click in the "Material_Specification" field and re-type a portion of the information in that field. (Deleting one letter and then re-typing it is all that needs to be done) I have tried changing the "Material_Specification" to a calculation field that states the correct information as text. This doesn't fix the issue. I have tried making the other fields calculation fields but this also doesn't fix the issue.

Does anyone know what I am doing incorrectly here?