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Autopopulating records from external table using multiple trigger fields..

Question asked by JN on Jun 22, 2011
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Autopopulating records from external table using multiple trigger fields..


So let me start off by apologizing for anything that I say that sounds "newbie". Im not very experienced with FM, but for what Im trying to do I don't think I need to be. Ive spent the past handful of hours reading through this forum and watching youtube videos on FM relationships and I still can't get this right.

Okay, so some background, I am taking an existing file built by someone else and augmenting it for a completely different simplified purpose. (with permission of course).

There is a Main File and a Data file. All data is entered via the Data file. On the layout in question, the records in the Main File have fields for Name, Company Name, Email, Notes, etc.

What it is able to do now: I type in the name of the person (it begins to autofill just like I want) then once selected the other fields information autoloads in from the same record on the Data file.

What I cant get it to do: If I type in the company name or email instead instead... it autofills properly pulling from the Data file BUT once it is selected NONE of the other fields get filled out...

I know this must be a very very simple fix...

My brain is on the verge of exploding from all the research so hopefully someone on here can help shed some light on this problem.

Thanks for your time.