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Autosafe don't work in FM

Question asked by EmanueleRossi on Jan 23, 2015
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Autosafe don't work in FM


Hello everyone,

I work on a simple billing program created with filemaker 10 on an iMac 10.6.

This is the problem: for example, today we have 17 invoice , starting from n. 112 and we got to 129.

All bills were printed, some even changed later (maybe there was a typo article), we found invoices when we were required ... in short, a normal use of a little program database.

The problem is that now, I opened the program to check something and invoices issued today are all gone... Delete. The program has the n.113 and the other ... gone.

It is not the first time that happens . Last 16, 14 and January 7 ... Last year it happened other 4-5 times.

The files are in a folder of google drive because so are visible even on laptops if one is at home or in another computer in the office . At home the only one who has access to google drive , so if I work in the office , I can definitely open the file with your home computer .

I thought filemaker could stop saving , if the same file is opened by the two computers at once (even if one goes for convenience only and does not change and / or corrects anything ) . Suspecting but not entirely convinced , every time I have to make an invoice wonder "do you have open the window of the billing program?" if it is open, I ask to close and then, I open it. If It's not open, of course I open it.

And the same thing makes my colleague .

I also have time machine on my computer but not needed. Time machine saves , makes up everything but the file we are using for the bill , is saved exactly as I see it now I, ie as if we had not worked more on that file from 15.03 hour probable creation and issuance of invoice 113. All the other is as if they had never been written .

I thought it was a problem of cache (it was set to default to 8Mb ) and I got up to 50Mb ( the file used weighs approximately 3.4MB ) but nothing.

I thank in advance those who will help me solve this problem .