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Autosize - how do i turn it off?

Question asked by evansj2 on Jun 11, 2015
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Autosize - how do i turn it off?


I have two sets of fields (label and actual field) and I just want them to stay the same size/location and not change no matter what I do with my window (full screen or not).

thought all you had to do was select the field, look at the Inspector > Position > Autosizing and lock all four sides. But it didn't work.

I have tried locking the field (under Arrange & Align). nope.

if you look at the graphic its the ones with the four black lines. the fields are nothing special, they are club id numbers (text field) and I have them setup to be indexed,  unique, allow override, and a message if it fails validation (not unique).

what am I doing wrong?