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Autoupdate Fails with Insidescan plugin

Question asked by Ronnie_1 on Oct 15, 2008
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Autoupdate Fails with Insidescan plugin


OS: Mac OS X 10.5.5 / FMP Advanced 9.0.3 / FMP Server 9.0.3 / InsideScan 2.0rc2 & 2.0rc6

I have had great success with Troiautoupdate in learning and understanding the autoupdate process. The fact is that for all the Troi plugins, autoupdate works very well. However, when I try to add the InsideScan plugin to the list (it was also added to the server) it fails and the whole FileMaker Pro client  application crashes just after the plugin is downloaded to the temporary folder in the current user's directory, but before it can be transferred to the FileMaker Pro Extensions folder, FileMaker Pro crashes.


So why do the Troi plugins Autoupdate just fine but the InsideScan plugin will not Autoupdate?