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Auto_Complete Lookup Options

Question asked by BERGSTEN on Apr 14, 2010
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Auto_Complete Lookup Options


Hi There,


I'm trying to get several invoice fields to populate based on the field Company Name. I currently have the tables [Companies] and [Invoices] related by a Company_ID primary key. When I enter the company ID, the population works.


What I want to do is have "Auto-complete using existing values" on my Company Name field so that employees don't have to remember or manually lookup the company ID. When I select a company from the drop down list from Company Name, I'd like the ID to populate as well as the other fields that I have lookups designated to.


For example, I can type F, choose Fender, Inc. and Company ID, Billing Info, etc appear in the invoice.



I also want to be able to do this for my actual invoiced line items, but I'm having the same issue trying to populate price based on the description. This seems like the same exact problem as the one above, so I'm hoping I can kill two birds with one stone.