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Average based on field

Question asked by builder on Mar 19, 2011
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Average based on field


Hello all, 

   I am trying to create a database for my track team. I have a table called "Time Trials". In this table reside "Date", "Event", "Time", and  "student_fk". IT was my hope that I could store all the time trials in this table and them average the time based on which event was selected.

So when you select "New Time Trial" and a window pops up where you enter the date, then the event (200m, 400m 800m, 1600m, Long Jump, High Jump, Hurdles, and Shot Put.  (The table has event, time, student_fk, and date). 

I am displaying this information in portal on each individual athletes record and wanted to show the average of each of the events. I seem to only be able to show the average of all the related fields.

How can I should averages based on the information in another field. (ie. 400m - average, 200 - average, etc.)

I hope I make sense.