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Average Summary Field Isn't Working as Planned

Question asked by klbloomfield on Oct 17, 2013
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Average Summary Field Isn't Working as Planned


     We use FM Pro 11 and have a database for our payroll data.  We load the payroll data in and report it based on the Pay Period Date.  One of our layouts displays the total hours worked by employees.  Here is an example for one employee:

     Employee: Jane Doe

     Pay Period      Total Hours Worked

     1                       73.2

     2                       72.0

     3                       61.5

     4                       48.5

     5                       48.6

     6                       48.8

     Total Hours  352.6

     All of this data works correctly.  However, we tried to add a summary field to find the average hours worked for the displayed pay periods.  The average displayed in FM is 56.6 but we expect to see 352.6/6=58.8.  This one example is actually closer than some of the others.  Any idea what might be going wrong?  For the summary field, the weighted average box is not selected and the summarize repetitions box is 'All together'.  Thanks for your help.