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    Averages for students



      Averages for students


           Hi to All


           I have a FM database for my students results. I wish to calculate their average mark - easy but for the fact that some students have not completed all of the assessments so I needs the average of the assessmenst thay have completed - for some that might be 6 out of ten for others 10 out of ten.

           I am not sure how to go about this - I have 10 assessments in total


           Any help gratefully received



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               Both the Average() function and the Average type Summary field can compute averages. In both cases, if a value is missing from the data, it is excluded automatically from the average. A student with 5 scores will get total divided by 5 and a student with 4 scores will get total divided by 4 as long as the fields are empty, not recorded as 0.

               Both this function and summary fields can be looked up in FileMaker help to see if they will work with the way that you have recorded your scores in the database.