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Averaging Stats For a Basketball Tournament

Question asked by MikeProcopio on Jul 6, 2014
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Averaging Stats For a Basketball Tournament


     In my solution I want to track points for different tournaments a player plays. I have a player table, an event participation table, and an event table.


     <Player::_pk_PlayerID>----------<_fk_PlayerID::Event Participation::_fk_EventID>----------<Event::PK_EventID>


     In the event participation I have scouting report for the game, but want to add stats like points and rebounds etc which isn't a problem. I would like to have a field to average the stats in each event for each individual player, but having an issue making it work for some reason.

     I tried a summary field in the Event participation table, but that wouldn't work for one reason or another.

     If I have 5 entries for a player in Event 1 I would like for it to give me the average for that specific event as well as the average for Event 2, 3, and likewise.