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Averaging with empty fields

Question asked by imgaryshap on Sep 30, 2009
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Averaging with empty fields


I'm using FMP 8 on a mac and i'm an above average novice (at this point, because of all the help and education this forum has already given me!).


In my records i have key date fields.  I then use these date fields to calculate amount of time.


I know how to aveage the individual time fields.


So for example - If I have West Coast Duration and East Coast Duration fields, I know how to run a summary that gives me the average time a project sits on either coast. ("West Coast Average Time:  3 weeks") 


Here's my question - how can I make an Average Summary omit empty fields?


For example - sometimes a record does not have an East Coast time.  It's not "0" - it's simply blank.  But when I run the summary - that record is still included in the average.   


I'm assuming I need a calculation that disregards empty fields, without completely omiting the record via a script?