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    Avery 5866 template missing in version 11



      Avery 5866 template missing in version 11


      I cannot seem to find the Avery 5866 template when I create a new layout and select "Labels" using a Windows 7 pc running FileMaker version 11.2.  According to Avery they still make it, and we have several boxes of these in different colors.  My older databases have a layout for this template.  I just cannot find it in the latest version of FileMaker.  The label size is 2/3" by 3 7/16" so I can always use a custom label, but it will take a few minutes to tweak it with the margins.  I did't find anything in the Knowledge Base about it.   Does anyone know what happened to good old 5866?

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          Sorry no one responded sooner.  The fix is simple.  If you look at the actual label sheet, you will see that it says to use Avery Template 5266.  I created a label layout using the 5266 template, and the names print correctly on the 5866 sheets of labels.  I have no idea why Avery changes numbers with multiple numbers for a particular template.

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            Often the difference in Avery number indicates the material from which the label is made--some are better suited for ink jet printers, others for laser, others are transparent... as well as the size of the label.

            Of course those differences are meaningless in terms of how you set up software to print to them, so Avery usually includes "use Avery Template XXXX" info on the packaging to help users figure out what layout option to use.