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    Avery Label Templates Missing



      Avery Label Templates Missing




      I've just installed FileMaker Pro 7 on some new computers in our office.  When people go to make a new layout for labels, "Use label measurements for" is greyed out (the greyed out drop-down shows "<No Labels Installed>"), forcing me to manually enter label dimensions.  Another computer in the office shows a list of Avery labels.  I've updated FileMaker to v3 on the computer that doesn't show the list, and still don't get a list.


      Did I miss an option during the install?  Or, is there some package I should be looking for to install the label templates?


      Any help is appreciated.



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             I am not 100% sure about version 7, but I believe the labels should be in the Extensions/Labels folder, right next to the application. Perhaps you could simply copy them over from the other system.
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            Thanks for the insight on the location of the file.  That was helpful.  I ended fixing this problem, but not from copying the file.


            I was using FileMaker as a regular user without admin rights.  So, when I tried to copy the file, access was denied.  Then I logged in as admin, and starting thinking about permissions.  I looked over all the permissions in Program Files -> FileMaker -> FileMaker 7 -> Extensions -> Labels and decided all was well (users are able to read files, but not write).  Out of curiousity, I opened FileMaker as admin and found the labels were loaded.  Then, without having changed any files or permissions, I logged back in as a normal user and the labels appeared in a list there, too.


            I double checked myself on another computer with the same problem.  Log in as admin, start a new labels layout in a file, logout, and works perfectly for the non-admin user.  Something in the background must be getting triggered when I start the new labels layout.  If anyone can point out why this makes things work, I'd be interested just as a system admin who likes to know how his systems tick.