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    Avery Label Update



      Avery Label Update


      Currently using 8.5 Pro Advanced and the label wizard does not include all current Avery Labels. I can create a custom label but these sometimes creep in a large file if the label specs are not accurate. I will be moving to 9 Advanced which includes some additional labels but not sure if the labels I am interested in are in this update. Is there any way of updating the label group used in 8.5?

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          Hi "UncleBill",
          You can find the FMP labels file in...
             --  local_HD/Applications/FileMaker Pro 8.5 Advanced/Extensions/Labels/LabelsUS.flb  --
          This is a ".flb" file in XML format that you can open and edit in a text editor.  You could also 'add' any customized labels of your own.  Be sure to use a 'copy' of the original!!!
          If you download the Trial FMP 9, you could also look at the included labels file using the same process.
          I hope this helps you and any other interested readers... Good Luck!!!