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    Aviation Photo Database



      Aviation Photo Database


      Hi all,

      I've finally settled on FM to create a database for my large collection of aircraft photos (yes, very nerdy, I know :P). I am using FM for Mac, and would most definitely consider myself a beginner with FM.  I have set up all the fields and the relationships I need, and the autofill lookup is working perfectly.  

      Basically the database consists of 3 tables:  Aircraft, Airports and Photo Database.  References are set up so that I enter an aircraft registration and the remaining aircraft information fills in automatically (similarly for the airports).  

      I am now wanting to add some more advanced features to the database as follows (I have included a screenshot from layout mode):

      1. In the airports table, I am hoping to add another field that consists of a custom list dependent on the airport itself.  Basically I want to select an airport, then select a particular location from a list of locations that are specific to that airport only.  How would I go about doing this?
      2. I would like to set it so that when I click a button located below the original photo (which will be a RAW photo file with .CR2 extension) it opens the file in Adobe Photoshop CS5.  Similarly, I would like the edited photo to open in the default photo browser.  Is there an easy way to do this?
      3. The JetPhotos_ID (bottom right) is only useful when the Editing_Process (bottom left) is set to a particular value.  Am I able to hide the JetPhotos_ID option at all times, except when the Editing_Process is set to a particular value (in this case "Accepted")?

      I am sure I will have many more questions as I progress with this project.  Many thanks for any help that can be offered, it is sincerely appreciated.



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          Hi Gareth

          I'm by no means an expert but I will try and answer two of your problems.

          (1) You may want to set up a new table called Locations so you can create a relationship between Airports and Locations using the Airports primary key in an Airport field (foreign key) in the Locations table. You may then want to read this post:

          Custom Value List?

          (3) You have a few options here. I'm not too sure if you just want to hide the Jet_Photos_ID field or the whole right hand side of your screenshot. If the latter is the case maybe investigate using tabs and hide layout elements on a specific tab.

          If you simply just want to hide the ID field then you can use conditional formating and set the field contents to the background colour. The problem with this is that you will still be able to click into the field space or tab to it using the tab button. You can though, use Script Triggers to 'prevent entry' to the field, or use custom privilige sets to lock down that field conditionally. The latter is more secure but much more work. The former is quite crude, but simple. Use a script trigger that when OnObjectEnter runs a script that checks if 'Accepted' and if not, go to next field.


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            Hi Lee,

            Thanks so much for that, I now have the locations list (and a few others) working, along with the conditional formatting (just hiding it is all I needed).  The main thing I need now is to set up the buttons to open specific files.  Is there a way I set up a formula for that to open a local address that is dependent on the contents of the fields?

            I will be playing around over the coming days, adding new features so I'm sure I'll have more questions soon!