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Avoid duplicate records

Question asked by miw on Mar 25, 2009
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Avoid duplicate records


I know how to avoid duplicate records on a single field input through validation.  However, during input, I want to avoid creating a duplicate record based on two field input parameters.  For example, I have two fields to complete, Field A and Field B.  I do not want to create a record which duplicates the same inputs in both fields.  Say I already have a record that notes "USA" in Field A and "Blue" in Field B - I do not want to replicate that same set of values in a subsequent record ("USA" and "Red" would be fine and so would "France" and "Blue" but not another "USA" and "Blue").  Any suggestions for a script after making an input in Field B which will warn me that I am replicating a prior record that has the same inputs in both A and B?