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Avoid duplicated records on related value

Question asked by miomika on May 12, 2010
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Avoid duplicated records on related value


Hi to all!

I stuck on loophole and I dont know how to solve it. I have One File (let's call it File "A") and file "B" (which is actually a Contact mannager)

When I do something in FIle "A", a create a filed inside which refers data form FIle "B": I mannage to do that by create a custom Relationship, but everytime, when I enter 

Data to file "A", it duplicates in File "B". When I try to edit that relationship, and uncheck "Allow creation of records in this table.... (Table "B"; a Contact Manager), I am not able to use records on File "A". I try everything, with signs of "equal" or "x", but dont have any solution.


Please, help


Of Course, It is Filemaker 10.0.3 and macos x 10.6.3