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Avoid tabbing through all portal rows?

Question asked by njem on Jan 8, 2011
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Avoid tabbing through all portal rows?


As a user tabs through the fields in a record/layout when they get to the portal I would like it to either tab to the current or top row or the new row and then tab out of the portal and on to other rows. As it is it tabs into the top line of the portal and makes them tab through all the rows in the portal (which also scrolls the most current lines out of sight) before exiting the portal and going on to other fields. (If I reverse the sort so tabbing through them leaves the most recent in sight then they are not in sight to begin with.) I've tried disabling tabbing into the portal but then I can't edit it at all. I've tried OnEntry of the portal object it goes to the last row but then you can only go there. If you try to click into another row to edit it it treats it as a new "entry" and goes back to the last row. Any ideas or how do other people deal with this?