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Avoiding duplicates when bringing in new records

Question asked by rickhurst on Dec 10, 2013
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Avoiding duplicates when bringing in new records


I'm importing records (actually through Outlook Manipulator, but this would could apply to many issues of bringing records in). The way it is set up now, when I run my script, I get duplicate records each time I run it. I would like to have a test set up so that if the record already exists, it doesn't bring it in. Here's the specifics:

They are calendar items. My calendar table has a record ID of course, typical start date, end date, etc, etc. Also have a field called "Outlook ID" which is a unique number linking the calendar events in Outlook to filemaker.

I also have non-outlook calendar events in my table, so often a record will be blank in the "Outlook ID" field because there is no relationship there, so I need to allow for that field being blank in records.

I believe that I would need to set up some kind of self-join relationship, i.e. Calendar Table first occurrence linked somehow to a second occurrence. I'm not sure exactly how to link them and what script steps to avoid the duplication.

I'm working with FM Pro 12.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.