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Avoiding Portals but still need to filter...Help

Question asked by productionQC on Jul 2, 2013
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Avoiding Portals but still need to filter...Help



     I have a mature database that we need to twee

     k in order to capture some results for further calculations.  My problem is this...I have a layout that uses portals to list products that we have tested on different intervals.  For example, some products are tested several times over a few months; say 10 days, 30 days and 90 days.  Using three, one line portals I was able to create fields that would count the number of tests for a specific product.  Then using filters in each of the three portals I could count the number of tests done at 10 days, 30days, etc...  So it works great until you need to capture the summary results from each one line portal to use in another formula in a related field.  So thus I must abandon the using the easy route of portals.  I now have a layout setup in which a tester can select a product it will find all the related records.  From there I use a summary field to count the number of tests.  Now here’s my problem - it of course shows the count off all tests for that product.  But I now need to filter this found set in three fields to show a count where age=10, age=30, etc.    This is very easy to do with a quick formula in the portal filter, but how do I achieve this without a portal... How do I go about this so that I can capture the result and use it in further calculations, avoiding portals of course...?  Hope this makes sense...