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Avoiding second field in Valuelist - to gain speed

Question asked by NicolayFlaaten on Oct 20, 2011
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Avoiding second field in Valuelist - to gain speed


I have noticed that it is a big difference on the loading speed on a valuelist if it is based on key field and a second field (Name or Product).

But often you want the key from the product to be inserted in the key field for the lineitem, but you need to see the Productname, so I use two fields, and showing only second field in the Valulelist dialog.

 Is there a good way to use only one field in the valuelist, like product name, and then the key for that product is inserted in the keyfield instead of the name?

I consider to do this with a search dialogbox that finds the product, puts the key in a variable, and then this is inserted in the keyfield.

Any better way?

The problem is for remote users and valuelist with more than 300 items. the fields for the valuelist is not calculations, but ordinary fields.