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    B to B Back Office



      B to B Back Office



           I'm trying to create a B2B solution using Filemaker. What I would like to create is a way for businesses to see a personalize page about their company performance, a way to download certain documents, and be able to follow certain step by step instructions via video on what to do.


           I want to also create a way they can upload and store the proper files such as scanned images, signed contracts etc. and have a graphs that show profits before and profits after using a system. 

           I also want to make sure that each business has a secured login and password plus a way for only certain people in the company to see this information confidentially. Each business would have a tailored back office just for them. 

           Would Filemaker be able to do this on the web? 

           Please advise. 




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               How many businesses? Current clients with room to grow? How many people in the companies would access the data?

               My opinion is that this is not a solution that Filemaker can easily provide, depending on the numbers.

               If the limit of companies was 5 to 20, and they would buy Filemaker (one or more copies), yes.

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                 Businesses would not be more than 100. I think around 50 or a little less. I'm saying 100 just to see how much Filemaker can handle. 

                 The project is based on the sales force having their on list of businesses. I want them to be able to set up a membership account for that business in which the business can download files, watch info video, and see graphs that show percentages on profits saved, etc. 



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                   FileMaker can certainly handle this kind of volume. The issue. I understand it from David's response, is how many FileMaker licenses are you or your clients prepared to purchase.. I stand to be corrected..

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                     Would this be based on our sales force or based on our business clients? I'm a little confused by the questions. 

                     Our sales force would actually be less than 10. Two locations. 


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                       The businesses subscribing would???

                       1] Go to a web site, find the service would work for them.

                       2] Sign up for the service.

                       3] Login on a web page   OR  buy and install Filemaker.

                       4] Access to a Filemaker database can be through a copy of Filemaker, Webdirect webpage, or FM Go on iPad, iPhone iOS devices.

                       Filemaker 12 and 13 require you pay for the number of concurrent connections needed.
                       Database is hosted by Filemaker Server (with needed connections) on your site or a FMP Hosting Service.

                  FileMaker 13: More Polished but Pricey

                       What requires significantly more attention in FileMaker Server 13 is the new licensing structure. A basic license for FileMaker Server, including one “concurrent connection” — a connection from FileMaker Go or via WebDirect — costs $1,044. This price is comparable to earlier versions, but the functionality it provides is surprisingly restricted. The number of users of the FileMaker Pro desktop client who can connect simultaneously is limited only by the hardware and networking infrastructure of the computer running FileMaker Server, but, unless additional connection licenses are purchased, only one connection at a time can come either from a mobile device running FileMaker Go or from a Web browser via WebDirect. Additional connections aren’t cheap — they are licensed in blocks of five, with each block costing $900 — that’s right, $180 per connection.

                  Filemaker Webdirect article

                  Maximize your web solutions with FileMaker WebDirect  (mentions some limitations)

                  Basics of WebDirect
                  WebDirect Guide (PDF)