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B to B Back Office

Question asked by VirgilVergara on May 2, 2014
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B to B Back Office



     I'm trying to create a B2B solution using Filemaker. What I would like to create is a way for businesses to see a personalize page about their company performance, a way to download certain documents, and be able to follow certain step by step instructions via video on what to do.


     I want to also create a way they can upload and store the proper files such as scanned images, signed contracts etc. and have a graphs that show profits before and profits after using a system. 

     I also want to make sure that each business has a secured login and password plus a way for only certain people in the company to see this information confidentially. Each business would have a tailored back office just for them. 

     Would Filemaker be able to do this on the web? 

     Please advise.