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Baby Developer SOS - Record access

Question asked by PaulWebb on Mar 17, 2012
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Baby Developer SOS - Record access


I am building a DB for support tickets. The DB has multiple customers in the DB and I want to restrict the view by customer. Customers all have a unique portfolio number which has their contracts tied to them and support tickets all have a contract associated.

An over simplified breakdown of my setups is...

4 tables: Preferences, Customers, contracts, support tickets

the relationshps are: Preferences::portfolio--Customers::Portfolio; Customers::Portfolio--Contracts::Portfolio and Contracts::contract--Support Tickets::contract

I created a preference page where the user can enter the Portfolio they manage. By doing so it allows them to see the support tickets. The two problems are that they can also see other records as 'no access' and if a contract is not assigned to a portfolio they can see those support tickets as well. I only want them to be able to see the support tickets that are tied to contracts in their portfolio. My guess is I need to write a better formula for the privilage set. Currently for viewing records it is just Preferences::Portfolio = Customers::kp_ID_Portfolio.

Can someone point me to some docs to check out or vods?

Any help is appreciated.

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