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Back Button Setup

Question asked by NaturSalus on Sep 16, 2014
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Back Button Setup



I have a simple Back button set up that moves back to the active previous layout by fails directing to the active previous tab control.

In layout A I have a portal that displays related records created in layout B through scripting.

Using the GTRR script step the user can move from a record created on layout A to the related records in layout B.

record on layout A ---GTRR---> record on layout B

I would like to go from a record on layout B  back to the active tab of a record on layout A that contains the portal mentioned before. This is not working using GTRR due to the way I set up relationships and named the TOs.

So, an easy way to go back from record on layout B to record on layout A would be to create a simple Back button.

record on layout B ---BACK button--> record on layout A

All I have to do is

  • when on layout A, capture the name of layout A and the name of the name of the active Tab object.
  • when on layout B, put a button that triggers the Go back to layout and tab script.


The Previous Layout script captures the layout name:

Set variable [$$PreviousLayout; Value: Get(Layout Name)]


The Previous Active Tab script captures the name of the Tab object:

Set variable [$$PreviousActiveTab; Value: Get(TriggerCurrentTabPanel)]


The Go back to layout and tab script takes back from record on layout B to previous record on layout A:

Go to Layout [$$PreviousLayout]

Go to Object [Object Name: $$PreviousActiveTab]


For layout  A OnLayoutExit triggers the Previous Layout script.

For the Tab Control that has 9 tabs: OnTabSwitch triggers the Previous Active Tab script


As mentioned before, when I click on the Back button I am returned to the previous record on layout A but lands on Tab 1 instead of Tab3.

Where is my mistake?