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back end hosting

Question asked by njem on Jan 24, 2011
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back end hosting


I thought I had this front end/back end all sorted out. works fine on my test system. Now I'm running a test on the systems it will really run on. One will have the back end. I intended to have the front end on each workstation. I've tried a host of ways to go at it. It just won't. It seems since the backend has to be opened as "open remote" but the front end when it tries to find the source for the tables that it's expecting to use, says it can't find it, let's me browse, but that is not an "open remote" type open. So it complains it's already in use.

I came to this from access and one of the advantages of a front end was each station could run its own local copy. Is that not the case with FM? I would think that could make for a speed issue but I guess it depends on what's happening under the hood that I don't know about.

In any case how do I set up an icon for the user? I don't want them to go into FM, then "open remote", then click on the host system it finds, then the correct file (both the front end and back end files are listed there). I can't figure out how to make a desktop icon that will "open remote". Is there a way?