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Back To Basics - Report Creation

Question asked by MatthewMackay on Nov 19, 2013
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Back To Basics - Report Creation


     I asked a similar question a long long time ago and am looking to get a fresh perspective on the problem.

     I've been working on a solution to be used with Filemaker Go. The report currently uses the 'Append to PDF' function to create a report from several different layouts/tables. We therefore have to produce the reports through Filemaker Pro. It works fine at the moment but I'm trying to make the process more efficient.

     Ideally the report will be created on the iPad using 'Save records as PDF' function. I understand to do this I need all information on one layout. The solution consists of 4 tables, Property, Rooms, Inventory and Photos. A report will consist of 1 property, several rooms, 10's of of inventory items and 10's of photos for each room. 1 inventory item can sometimes span a whole page depending on how much the user chooses to describe/comment on.

     I've been reading various articles and forum posts about creating a report table that pulls info from all required tables but am struggling to apply the method to my solution. The number of rooms, inventory items and photos has to be limitless.

     Any methods welcome.