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Back to Basics - set pointer on file, read, write

Question asked by on Mar 13, 2013
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Back to Basics - set pointer on file, read, write



     I'm new to Advanced FM Pro 11.  I need to know the basics.  I understand about "find records" but what if I only need the data as input to another table based on a condition I set up in a script?

     1) To set a pointer to read equal to a value, must I always perform a find on that table using the value? I do not want to display the table data? 

     2) To read the first record , do I use the Go to Record/Request/Page[First]? And then where do I need to place the Go to Record/Request/Page[Next]?

     3) "Do Until" and "Do While" are accomplished how? 

     4) When using a Loop when does the read happen?  At the top or bottom of the loop?


     I'm creating a record in a table only when one does not exist.  When creating the new record I use a set of data from a different table.  I do have a relationship between the 2 tables.  It is a 1 to Many relationship. I'm not displaying the table for the Many.  I am filling an array (repetitions field).

     Should I use the Go to Related Record?

     Thank you,