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Back to starting point after printing current record of layout?

Question asked by FredH on Dec 1, 2014
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Back to starting point after printing current record of layout?


Hi Experts,

My starting point is that I have X records but I only show Y of them in a specific layout (project active or not) and I would now like to print the current record via a script.  

As the program will be used via runtime, I was thinking that I could not specify the "print option" as the defined printer in my list will not exist in the list of the user.

Therefore, I cannot use the "print current record only" option and I added following lines to my script : 
Show all records
Omit record
Show omitted records only

If my script stops here, the print is ok but at the end, all my other records are not available anymore in view mode.  I thus need to add some lines to my script :
If I add "show all records", the user will now also see the inactive projects which is not the purpose.
I thus added the "Find" "Set field" "Execute" lines to my script which indeed shows me only the active projects but now, the project shown on the screen is not the project that I printed but the first record in the unsorted list.

What could I do to make sure that the user only sees the active projects but that the record shown on the screen will be the printed one?

Thanks in advance for your input!
Kind regards,