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Background printing from FM Pro (WinXP)

Question asked by FatherGoose on Sep 10, 2009


Background printing from FM Pro (WinXP)


Hello there,


We have approx. 10 client machines on our network running Windows XP and FileMaker Pro 10 (recently upgraded from FM 6). We are using a printer with a driver that is noticably slow during the print spooling process. This hasn't caused us a problem before, because our other applications (such as Word) are able to "background print" documents, allowing the user to get on with something else while it's printing. This was also apparently the case with FM 6.


However, when printing anything from FileMaker 10, a dialogue box with a progress bar appears, and FM is not responsive to any user input until the document has been sent to the print spooler in its entirety. This is causing a fair amount of frustration in the department that uses FM.


I have already contacted the printer manufacturer to ask if there's any way to improve the performance of their driver, but I was also wondering if there is any way to tell FileMaker to "background print" the way that most other Windows applications do. At the moment, we feel like moving from FM 6 to FM 10 was a backwards step in terms of productivity!


I'd be grateful for any assistance you can provide.